News // Upcoming Incubator Space for Performing Arts De Dapper in Amsterdam East


In East Amsterdam, the new Incubator Space for Performing Arts De Dapper will be located in the former Muiderpoorttheater, which was founded as a dance theater in the 1980s. The development of De Dapper is being carried out by Stichting PodiumPartners and is supported by Bureau Broedplaatsen of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Stichting PodiumPartners/Plein Theater fulfills a long-desired ambition to create accessible space for experiment, crossovers and collaborations for theatre makers at the intersection of contemporary dance, music, visual theater and night theatre.

“The incubator spacer will become a platform for positive-critical contributions to today’s and tomorrow’s developments in the world. It will be a place to form and share opinions through performance arts. In this way, De Dapper will offer a home to performing artists who want to make a substantial contribution to their art form and to the world.” –Berith Danse, artistic director and director of the PodiumPartners Foundation.

Alderman Touria Meliani (Arts and Culture): “Incubators provide space for artists and makers and take a connecting role in the neighborhood through the many activities that are organized there. They are also important stages for talent development, which you can clearly see at Broedplaats De Dapper. Broedplaats De Dapper will be a great place for Amsterdam East and the rest of the city, which the whole of Amsterdam can enjoy for a long time.”

Since the merger of 2008, Stichting PodiumPartners has included two presentation and makers places: Plein Theater and the Muiderpoorttheater, the latter becomes Incubator Space for Performing Arts De Dapper. Affordable, good rehearsal spaces and try-out stages are scarce in the center of Amsterdam. De Dapper will be accessible to CAWA-registered artists and curators from various performing disciplines.

“De Dapper grants artists the space and time to develop contemporary performances that blur the boundaries between composed music, experimental dance, crossover theater and other performance disciplines. We like to refer to the disciplines by their names: contemporary composed classical music (western and non-western), contemporary theater (mime, ritual, location), contemporary dance (urban, non-western), contemporary figure and object theater and innovative virtual applied forms in the theater and everything that moves in between.”

“Amsterdam deserves a new kind of incubator space”, says Berith Danse, and also wants to give the knowledge of her previous international production house Theater Embassy space for new makers. Here experiments, residencies and crossovers took place all over the world and aimed at the development of the performing arts in its most diverse cultural forms. De Dapper and the Plein Theater place themselves in a network of local and international stages and incubator spaces and will work together as production house and theatre.

De Dapper will be an affordable place for stage makers, where they can experiment, design and include residents of the Dapperbuurt. A place that makes the ideas of artist a structural part of the developments in the unique Dapperbuurt.

De Dapper will be made more sustainable and improved at the beginning of 2023 with the aid of a subsidy from the municipality of Amsterdam, after which the first stage makers can get to work in the course of the year.


Contact Artistic and Business Director: Berith Danse | Dapper@plein-theater.nl

Contact Publicity: Elise Vroonhof | Publiciteit@plein-theater.nl



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