PRIDE News! // 'Amsterdam Talks Sex' look backs and ahead

PRIDE Amsterdam has started! For 9 days, the city is coloured in rainbows to celebrate sexual and gender diversity. This year with the theme "My Gender, My Pride!" Plein Theater celebrates PRIDE this year with news and retrospectives!


New season Amsterdam Talks Sex coming soon!

Good news! After three successful seasons, we are excited to announce that a new season of Amsterdam Talks Sex is planned from December 2022! All 17 former episodes are still available on our YouTube and website.

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Look backs!

In celebration of PRIDE, we give three retrospectives!


24 Oct 2020
Amsterdam Talks Sex #4: Homosexuality
Handan Aydin, DJ Shuh La Sheedah, Luca


How sexy is it to be gay?

615 B.C. Sappho describes her love for women, Roman emperors had many male lovers, Pope Benedict the IX hardly concealed his homosexuality, in the VOC era (1730) there were networks of homosexuals in Amsterdam and The Hague. But texts have also been found on the ships that indicated that it was normal to be homosexual. Lenin removed homosexuality from criminal law in 1922, Jane Adams was a lesbian who played an important role in the suffrage movement and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. Studies show that sex with a female partner leads to more sexual pleasure for both women, and not just because they have the same tools.

This evening focuses on the question 'what can be learned from homosexuality in this hetero normative world?'. With DJ Shug La Sheedah and Luca.


May 16, 2021
Amsterdam Talks Sex #12: PrEPnu
Handan Aydin, Charles Sopacua, Sebastiaan Verboeket


In this episode, Handan speaks with Charles Sopacua. Also Sebastiaan Verboeket is guest, the chairman of PrEPnu. PrEPnu is a grassroots organization that is committed to making PrEP more accessible in the Netherlands, as well as PrEP care. PrEP is an HIV prevention pill, which is mainly used by men who have sex with men who are at risk for HIV.


Nov 6, 2021
Amsterdam Talks Sex #3.1: Myths about Gender
Handan Aydin, Josien de Bie, Brand Berghouwer


What are the differences between gender and sex, and how many genders and sexes are there actually? We are so used to the concept of 'man' or 'woman', but is that true?

In edition #3.1 we will talk to neuroscientist Josien de Bie and chairman of Transgender Netwerk Nederland Brand Berghouwer.


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