Vrije Vloer TV #3

Yvonne Saro - Ik ken haar (Creative writing)

Zadok Samson - Henk's Kroeg (Creative writing)

Tarek Muazen - Journey into love (Theatremaking)


Vrije Vloer TV

The Vrije Vloer TV is a series where 24 participants take you along in their idiosyncratic corona monologues and performances!

The 24 participants of the Vrije. Vloer 2020 have recently made personal pieces in Dance, Creative Writing and Theater Making, under the guidance of our passionate makers Gita Hacham, Merel Smitt, Jurrien van Rheenen, Dayna Martinez Morales and Vincent Verburg.

Every day from 19 to 23 December, we will put a new episode online at 12:00 on the Plein Online page on our website! Each episode is a collection of unique and moving stories, shown by Amsterdammers.

On December 24 from 12:00 to 17:00 we will show all episodes in a row in the Vrije Vloer TV Bingewatch Stream + Live Chat!


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