Theatre Embassy

Plein Theater houses the archives of ‘Stichting Theatre Embassy’ (Theatre Embassy Foundation).

From 2001 to 2017, Theater Embassy was active as an international theater platform that collaborated with theater groups and cultural organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. From 2017 Theater Embassy works on a project basis and maintains contact with partner organizations all over the world. The connections made by Theater Embassy still exist.

Theater Embassy has created visibility for theater groups working outside the Eurocentric cultural world, also known as the peripheral places. Theater Embassy projects often had to deal with the effects of globalization and, as a result, the enormous global shifts that have taken place in recent decades, such as climate change, migration, drugs and trafficking in women. Theater Embassy has been at the forefront of contemporary activism, the formation of decolonization thought and the new wave of emancipation for women and queers. As biggest challenge to form creative teams, consisting of people from so many different backgrounds and perspectives.

These vision, principles and connections of Theater Embassy have been redesigned by Berith Danse in the vision of Plein Theater: Podium of the world surrounding us.