A theatre is a mondial public square. People from near and far encounter each other briefly and, often during a robust exchange, there is room for inspiration and coming together. The visitor or neighbour takes a dialogue, a choreography, an activity that sparks the imagination, back home with them in their heart.

Plein Theater also develops collaborative projects with partners outside of The Netherlands, such as with Suriname in the summer of 2020. The goal is, through collaboration and exchange, to build on and develop the field of world-wide theatre. Various possibilities include workshops, trainings, research, and the creation of presentations which make a worthwhile contribution to the community around us.

Future collaborations are planned with Ecuador, Bolivia, Suriname, Honduras, Sudan, South-Africa, India- Assam, Indonesia, and others.

Theatre Embassy

PLEIN THEATER houses the archives of ‘Stichting Theatre Embassy’ (Theatre Embassy Foundation). An international platform for capacity building and cooperation in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. If you’re interested in the activities of Theatre Embassy between 2001 and 2017, you can go to:

There is also an opportunity for students of theatre studies to do research, and for an internship. Examples: researching the methods and output of Theatre Embassy and her partner organizations, or fieldwork with one of these partner organizations. More information from Sruti Bala at the UVA [University of Amsterdam].