PT Youth editorial // Jalicya Landtow on Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam with Two Envelopes and Michela Amici

at Plein Theater you get the chance to experience the Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam concept every month on a Sunday afternoon. Nieuwe Noten offers a stage for contemporary chamber music. New compositions and leading musicians, combined with interesting topics. Intern Jalicya Landtow was allowed to film on Sunday the 18th of september, and gained a unique experience with harpist Michela Amici and the duo Two Envelopes in the centre of attention.

“I've never listened to music like this before. It was a new experience for me, especially since it's not the music i normally listen to. Because I was busy with work for Plein Theater during the first half of the show i unfortunately did not see Michela Amici play the harp, but from what I heard that afternoon the audience was very impressed with her performance.

The duo Two Envelopes, on the other hand, has aroused a special feeling in me. I couldn't describe exactly what i was hearing, out of curiosity I went online to see what kind of instruments she played. She played the harpsichord, a stringed instrument similar to a piano, and percussion instruments made specifically for storage. I have never heard those instruments in a combination like this before, Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam has given me the opportunity to experience a work of music that I have never heard before with this unique concept.

- Jalicya Landtow, Intern Media Redactie at Plein Theater Amsterdam

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