Plein Theater celebrates 40 years anniversary!


It's our birthday! Forty years ago, the Pleintheater Foundation was founded by activist Amsterdammers in the former Amstel brewery complex on the Mauritskade. In 1983, a Neighborhood Theater with Eetcafé started in the vacant company canteen with the aim of promoting cooperation between various cultural citizens. The brewery was demolished a few years later. Only the head office, now the AFMI, and what is today called Plein Theater, remained standing.

Over the years, Plein Theater has developed into a professional theater with a divers, interdisciplinary and contemporary program for children, youngsters and adults. A pulsating heart for performing arts with hybrid programming like experimental dance, visual theatre, contemporary music and youth theatre.

Each public square changes with time but is timeless at the same time. This is how we see the Plein Theater! Many generations have grown up with our performances and activities. Many young artists have started their careers in Plein Theater. Courageous makers shed light on conflicts in society and where change is needed. For 40 years we have been a characteristic stage in Amsterdam East and an anchor for solidarity in the neighbourhood.

That must be celebrated!



Photos: Amstel Brewery and Plein Theater through the years
1 t/m 6: Stadsarchief 1969 - 2009
7 t/m 10: 2019 - 2023



We celebrate our 40's anniversary all year round and in particular during the second edition of the Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam from March 28 to April 2, 2023!

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Photos: Opening Queering Puppets Festival & kick-off anniversary celebration 40 years Plein Teater | De Schaapjesfabriek


Visitors about Plein Theater:

“The Plein Theater is an important place for the neighborhood and for Amsterdam, as a dynamic meeting place and breeding ground!!!”

“Art is essential to life and accessible theater is extremely important for the neighbourhood.”

“I once took my first steps as a theater maker in the Plein Theater and I am eternally grateful to the theater for that!”

“Truly a theater for everyone! Huge respect for Berith & the team for creating such a space for all forms of art and diverse groups of people”

“Plein Theater offers good performances and, partly due to the cozy café, is an attractive plus for the neighborhood & the whole of Amsterdam.”

“Small productions and new talent rely on these small, modest volunteer-supported venues with surprising cuisine.”

“A nice little theater in the heart of East keeps the neighborhood alive”

“Local and neighborhood theater is very much needed, especially now!”

“Plein Theater is relevant, especially in this time when we have to learn to deal with diversity in a constructive way more than ever.”

“Plein Theater is a pearl and as long as I live in East I will support this theater!”

“The Plein Theater contributes to a sparkling & diverse cultural life and is also a small but beautiful meeting center.”

“The Plein Theater offers a 'broad stage' where art originates, grows and flourishes. As a co-creator I feel like a fish in water.”


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