Saturday 01 June
Theater // 20:30 // € 13,50 (vanaf) + consumptiemunt

Line up: Freckle Red Lipstick, Memic project, Giacomo Raffo
Open: 20:30 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 13,50 (vanaf) + consumptiemunt / Regulier: €17,50 | CJP/ Student/ <18: €15.50 | Kunst(vak)student/ <18: €13.50 | Stadspas groene stip: €4,50 | Including welcome drink!


On this exciting night we show three performances!

BISOGNA MORIRE by Freckle Red Lipstick (30 mins)
ALEX by Memic project (21 mins)
SPINE by Giacomo Raffo (18 mins)



BISOGNA MORIRE is a dance performance delving into the depths of intergenerational experiences. The piece reflects and echoes the inherited wisdom and traditions of preceding generations, while also questioning their relevance in the modern world. Through movement research, sound and visual storytelling, we explore the intertwined narratives of diverse generations of women, reflecting on inherited legacies and embracing the evolution of identity and empowerment, celebrating the beauty of shared stories.

Building on the past, making choices of what to leave behind and what to carry forward.

is an ode to letting go in order for something new to begin. 
It is a celebration of self-growth, traditions and deep bonds. 
It’s delicate and frightening. 
It’s white and black, but also grey. 
It’s the four seasons.

Concept, Artistic direction and Choreography: Freckle Red Lipstick | Music: Clara Cozzolino | Set design: Lela Di Costanzo with Andre Noorda | Performers: Clara Cozzolino and Lela Di Costanzo | Intern dancer: Viola Landi | Dramaturgy: Alberto Conversano with Freckle Red Lipstick | Lights design: TBD | Costumes: TBD | Supported by: AFK, KunstenDialoog, ICK Artist Space and Memic Project | Special thanks to: Roberta Maimone, Rachele Chinellato, Olena Stoian, Theo Ammann and Triplets Amsterdam

Freckle Red Lipstick

"Freckle Red Lipstick" is a project co-created by Clara Cozzolino and Lela Di Costanzo, both dancers and multidisciplinary artists with a shared fascination for the complexity of the human being. Lela, a dancer and choreographer, possesses a keen interest in visual arts, whereas Clara, dancer, choreographer, and sound artist has a focus on the interplay between movement and sound. Having undergone dance education at Daf Dance Arts Faculty in Rome, they have accrued experience working and collaborating with various esteemed choreographers and artists, thereby enriching their interdisciplinary skills. Their collaboration merges their diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, facilitating the exchange of life experiences, perspectives, and inquiries.



"ALEX" delves into the inevitable question of "who am I."
It is a psychological process of acceptance—a moment of reflection and self- confrontation, both individually and in relation to others. When you meet someone new, it is natural for humans to mirror each other, which can lead to the discovery of aspects of yourself that you hadn't previously noticed. Initially, you may feel the urge to resist these aspects, but it's essential to pause, observe, listen, understand, engage, accept, and connect with them.
ALEX represents a quest for identity, encompassing both frustrations and curiosity, and embracing the freedom to play with oneself during the process of self-discovery. The comic characters narrate this concept through gestures in a humorous tone, with the intention of making it a pleasant experience and indulge in a smile.

Production: Memic project | Choreographer & artistic director: Roberta Maimone | Music composition: Clara Cozzolino | Performers: Yashasvi Shrotryia, Roberta Maimone | Costume design: Roberta Maimone | Handcraft costumes: Alice De Maio, Giacomo Raffo | Repetiteur: Lela Di Costanzo | Supported by: Korzo Theater, ICK, Afk, Compagnia Arearea, Network Anticorpi.

Memic project/Roberta Maimone

Roberta Maimone is a Netherlands-based dance artist whose innovative work explores the intersection of movement, emotion, and music. Through the transdisciplinary "Memic project", Maimone transforms comic book characters into powerful tools of expression, guiding audiences on an extraordinary journey between reality and fantasy. With a humorous and visionary approach, they create immersive experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

Maimone's work has been featured in prestigious venues and events such as the NederlandsDansDagen 23, where they showcased the project ALEX, and Teatro de Canal in Madrid. Additionally, she has shared her unique method through teaching engagements, including workshops with the National Dance Company of Spain.



From the environment to body, from the body to individual, from the individual to the Other.
The performance you are about to see attempts to sketch out this path, escaping immanence and chasing identity.
Here a certain kind of emotional fusion and habitude are pictured as a constriction.
Two characters will emancipate themselves from this chain throughout a process as hard as fighting a prejudice, as natural as cutting the umbilical cord.

Performer: Roberta Maimone, Lela Di Costanzo | Music: Clara Cozzolino | Photography: Alessandra Maimone | Lights: Theo Ammann | Directed and designed by Giacomo Raffo | Supported by AFK, Memic Project