Show your work! Share your events!

EAST& is the Pop-Up Culture Platform of Amsterdam East. Not a cultural building made of stone, but a nomadic network organization that aims to establish cooperation and connections between residents, cultural and social institutions and the many diverse, talented makers in the district. From 2022, EAST& tours the very different neighborhoods of Amsterdam East and organize cultural activities with and for the neighborhood. Founding partners Plein Theater, Framer Framed, De Rode Loper op School and Production House Nowhere always seek collaboration with other partners from the art-rich district. The last edition was on November 25 in the new Baggerbeest breeding ground (watch a retrospective here) and the next edition is on April 7 at Sajetplein!

We encourage makers, artists and event organizers from Amsterdam East to register on the website EASTAND.AMSTERDAM, create a profile and share events on the agenda!

Are you an artist from Amsterdam East, do you have an idea for the next festival or would you like to contribute to a neighborhood activity? EAST& is open to input and collaborations from East!

For more information, please contact Creative Producer Bibi Trompetter via Bibi@plein-theater.nl