Plein Theater presents 3D Video Simulation Installation Event Horizon by Jaehun Park!




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Location: Plein Theater, Sajetplein 39 Amsterdam 

Dates: January 14 to February 1, 2022  

Time: From 12:00 to 20:00 in time slots of (max) 20 min (duration video work = 12 min) 

Tickets: Regular: €8.50 | City pass green dot: €3.50



Jaehun Park, digital sculptor, simulator and animator is the third guest artist of the OUTSIDE IN program, in which immersive art installations are at the heart. In order to be able to run as a theater with the impossible corona restrictions, we invited artists from Amsterdam East to create an interactive space in the theater, with unique work that denounces contemporary themes, and where a limited number of audiences can enter per time slot. So that we can safely open for public! 

Previous installations within this program have been Ecognosis N 52° 21’ 39.207” E 4° 41’ 49.702 by BetweenTwoHands and Street Vendors: Medellín, Tirana, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta by Su Tomesen. The installations each in their own way strongly reflect on the world around us and the changes and issues of our time. At the same time, we see not only the theatre, but also the public and virtual space as a stage. 



"Event Horizon is a term derived from astrophysics theory and refers to the outer boundary of a black hole, meaning that beyond the boundary of the black hole, what happens inside cannot be known or influenced. Endless physical decay takes place in the black hole, sucking everything out of light particles, but what happens inside is unknown.Today hypercapitalism in our society also sucks everything in like a black hole, but we cannot  know or change the invisible force working in it." - Jaehun Park

Event Horizon is a video work divided into five chapters. The video work begins with primitive rocks being archived by the geological research institute using 3D scanning technology. The rocks continue to rotate on a geometric structure to express perspective in the first 3D computer game of the 1990s. 

The five storylines are mainly about the relationship between the real and the virtual, global geopolitical conflict, disaster and war, such as destroyed buildings in Syria and Palestine, a contaminated water tank in the nuclear zone of Fukushima and a particle  accelerator machine at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research ).

On the other hand, this video also simulates the movement of confetti, with a metaphor for the glorious moment of winning and the fantasy of happiness. Through the scientific experimental machine called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that transcends the power of God, Park tries to reveal the cosmic and sublime appearance of science that transformed into a religious moment. A hundred years later, on the post-apocalyptic landscape of Fukushima, electrical surge poles continue to generate sparks on the abandoned ground.

This is simulating dark and painful historical disasters and wars through the movement of microscopic particles from the digital data of real objects, this video uses visual illusions that mislead people to reveal the glory of capitalism


3D Animation & Simulation: Jauhun Park
Sound Design and Composition: Ivo Bol
Sound Mastering: Jeff Carey


"Rather than applying general critiques of reality, Park creates 3D animations that tackle expansive capitalism and rampant neoliberalist approaches to economies through rigorous research based on evidence and reference materials. The absurd relationship between religion and capital is a well-known topic, but Park takes this old problem and reinvents it by pooling specific evidence, precise measurements and digital technologies to re-ask questions about what life means.”  - Review by Hyun Jung (Critic and Professor of Visual Arts at Inha University)


Artist Jaehun Park (born 1986, South Korea) is a digital sculptor, simulator and animator. Park graduated with the Department of Painting (BFA, MFA) at Seoul National University, Master Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Jaehun Park currently lives and works in Amsterdam East and Seoul. Park uses 3D computer-generated images to reveal the fabricated reality in virtual space. His artistic research focuses mainly on the human impact on the Earth's ecosystem, caused by hyper-capitalism and the endless desires of humanity. In his 3D simulation video, he reflects deeply on the ordinary objects with capitalist allegory and the space associated with the ritual structure of advertising and consumerism in the digital space, and these by-products of hyper-capitalist machine civilization and simulated images of disaster unfold into the hellscape and the post-apocalyptic landscape. His work deals with the trinity of the actual, the ritual and the virtual. The real entity is the world we live in, the one wich ignores the truth. The ritual is the cult and fabric of capitalist religion that we continue to follow every day. The virtual is the digital technology that falsifies us endlessly. For this trinity, the ready-made 3D objects uploaded on the Internet for the game developer, 3D scanned data from the drone video archive and the photogrammetry technology become a physical material for the simulation in his virtual digital studio.  







There will be in-depth Artist Talks with Jaehun Park at the opening on Wednesday 14 January and on Saturday 22 January at 15:30 in the café/restaurant of Plein Theater.

Due to 1,5 m distance, there are a limited number of places available, full = full. Reservation is required.

Note: A ticket for the Artist Talk does not include access to the installation. To reserve a spot for the Artist Talk + Installation, you can buy two separate tickets.


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