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Thursday 21 September 20:30

Amsterdam Talks Sex: Polyamory, love is more than for one

Amsterdam Talks Sex is back!  Known for the online episodes during corona period and now back as a theatre program; discussing the subject of polyamory. ❤♾
What exactly is polyamory? What are the pros and cons? How do polyamorists deal with jealousy and other challenges? Why is polyamory different from having an open relationship?

Our guests are Louie (him/he) and Manon (she/her), who together explore the possibilities of a polyamorous relationship and about this make the podcast PolyMoly!. And we talk to relationship coach Eline Bruinenberg (Tautan Coaching), who specializes in this form of non-monogamy.


Friday 29 September 19:00

Le Bal Masqué by SALIX kameropera

Le Bal Masqué is a 'fusion' opera about a woman who learns the hard way that the line between expectations and illusion is paper thin. Opera, mime and mask play come together here with music by Francis Poulenc and lyrics by Max Jacob. A compact, theatrical and playful chamber opera.


Saturday 14 October 20:30

Moving On! - Iraqi Bodies & Teach me not [Double Bill]

Plein Theater devotedly offers a platform for dance, performance and experiment. In our vision, we give talented makers the opportunity to develop and present themselves. Therefore we are very excited to collaborate with ICK Artist Space. The production house for dance ICK Artist Space supports the development of young choreographic talent. They propose adventurous programming by a new generation of makers for a monthly dance evening at Plein Theater: Moving On!


Sunday 15 October 15:00

NNA: New Notes for Recorder player Juho Myllylä

Jazz, fusion, rock, prog, experimental, electro-acoustic, live electronic, soundtrack and film music are an integral part of the musical landscape of Juho Myllylä, who is not only a recorder player, but also a guitarist-singer-songwriter rock musician.

Winner of the Nordic and Baltic EAR-ly 2016 early music competition, and of the International Van Wassenaer Competition 2019, Juho strives for open-minded musicianship in all styles and versatility, regardless of imposed genre classifications. He feels passionate about earlier repertoire - medieval and renaissance music, but is particularly interested in the myriad possibilities of recorders in contemporary and new music and working with composers, with a steadily growing number of new works written for and premiered by him went.

In an open call of the Nieuwe Noten/New Notes project by Gaudeamus, in collaboration with November Music and Grachtenfestival, young composers are challenged to write new notes for recorder player Joho Myllylä, who owns more than 30 flutes that can be written on.


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