During the Queering Puppets Festival you can enjoy a tasty dinner from Robin Food Kollektief's Volkskeuken in the Eetlokaal at the theater for €13.50! Robin Food is a social and activist kitchen that is committed to affordable and healthy food.

The daily specials are chef's choice and vegan or vegetarian with an option for vegan and optional gluten-free. The price does not include drinks. Please inform us in advance of any dietary wishes via info@plein-theater.nl

Due to a limited number of meals per day, it is required to order the daily specials up to a day in advance. These are available in the ticket shop, where you also buy your theater tickets. The kitchen is open during the times indicated on the program.


Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam

From April 3 to 7, Plein Theater presents the Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam together with Cat Smits Company!

Since 2022, Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam has offered a stage for genre-transcending forms of visual theatre, object theatre, puppetry and queer perspectives. In the safe space that puppetry creates, everyone can be whoever he, she, them is. Plein Theater and Cat Smits Company defy the norm with this festival full of colorful visual outbursts Queering Puppets is LGBTIQA+ friendly, feminist, activist and above all standing out in queerness! In this third edition from April 3 to 7, 2024, the theme is Weapons of the weak.




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