During the Queering Puppets Festival on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will have a party in the café with music from DJ Nina and DJ Rosa from Spill Gold!

The duo Spill Gold offers a sonic journey full of psychedelic echoes and danceable rhythms. Nina de Jong on drums and Rosa Ronsdorf on vocals and synths joined forces in a collaboration that transcends genres. Their latest album ZaZa, released on May 17, is the result of a need for hope that longs for an anti-anthropocentric and non-patriarchal world. They invite you into a world where the concept of 'the first' or 'the best' fades and ask you to join them on a musical journey with no clear beginning or end.

Especially for the Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam, they create a unique vibe with an eclectic DJ mix of playful music from the Spill Gold Universe!


Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam

From April 3 to 7, Plein Theater presents the Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam together with Cat Smits Company!

Since 2022, Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam has offered a stage for genre-transcending forms of visual theatre, object theatre, puppetry and queer perspectives. In the safe space that puppetry creates, everyone can be whoever he, she, them is. Plein Theater and Cat Smits Company defy the norm with this festival full of colorful visual outbursts Queering Puppets is LGBTIQA+ friendly, feminist, activist and above all standing out in queerness! In this third edition from April 3 to 7, 2024, the theme is Weapons of the weak.




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