Friday 26 May
Theater // 19:30 // € 16
Night Trip

Line up: Jort Faber, Lana van der Burg, Rebecca Lillich Krüger
Open: 19:30 - 21:00 hrs
Tickets: € 16

A Triple Bill from Triplets presenting the latest creations of Triplets and its collaborators. 


Conversations with Hades - Jort Faber

When we look at ourselves objectively, are we satisfied with what we see? Conversations with Hades follows Theseus in the underworld where, bound to the chair of forgetfulness, he talks to Hades about his past. Through the chair of forgetfulness, Hades allows Theseus to look back objectively on his own actions. Does he still stand by his beliefs and actions when his own instilled morality disappears? Conversations with Hades is an ode to self-reflection and self-criticism and invites the audience to acknowledge the limitations of its own individuality.

Dancers: Rachele Chinellato & Jort Faber


I Doll - Lana van der Brug

I Doll takes us on a colorful, psychological journey of a young person in search of his identity, through a succession of appearances based on our current pop culture. Drag and dance come together in humorous and recognizable fragments.

Dancer: Lana van den Brug


Voyage - Rebecca Lillich Krüger

Voyage is a moving poem, a stream of consciousness retelling of a bad acid trip in the California desert. Our narrator, split in two, is in a dismantling yet affirming conversation with herself; where am I going? What do I want? A duet between Rebecca Lillich Krüger and Karolina Krynicka, Voyage is an intense yet vulnerable work about trusting yourself from the inside out.

Dancers: Karolina Krynicka & Rebecca Lillich Krüger