Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam music concerts in Plein Theater

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Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam offers a stage to contemporary chamber music. Adventurous and small-scale performances, new compositions and leading musicians; at Plein Theater you can experience this unique concept in an intimate atmosphere every month. The series offers the opportunity to reflect on the present time and thus forms a laboratory for today's sound. The curators and artistic directors of Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam are composer Aspasia Nasopoulou and bass clarinetist Fie Schouten. Both received the Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Composition Commission Award (2019, 2021 respectively).

Program season Nov 2023 - Jun 2024

Sunday November 26, 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Strings Double Bill
Miriam Overlach (harp), Dario Calderone (double bass)

Music from Ruud Roelofsen and new work from Dario Calderone

Saturday, December 9, 20:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Schaduwspel
Jelmer de Moed (clarinet), Elisabeth Hetherington (soprano)

Music from Amarante Nat and Nuno Lobo

Sunday 14 January 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: The Grand Percussionist
Yung-Tuan Ku & Che-Sheng Wu (percussion & makers)

Sunday 11 February 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Flute solo & T R O M P O ensemble
Tarmo Johannes (flute solo), Carlos Anez (flute), Marthe Lasthuis (violin), Laura Nygren (double bass)

Music from Justina Repečkaitė and Fabían Roa

Sunday 17 March 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Bass clarinet & dance
Fie Schouten (bass clarinet), Manuela Tessi (dance)

Music from Margriet Hoenderdos

Sunday 14 April 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Toy-piano, electronics & dance
Anne Veinberg (piano), Liza Zhukova and Maria Zhukova (dance)

Music from Christina Viola Oorebeek and Ezequiel Menalled

Sunday 12 May 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Trombone Double Bill
Kevin Toksowz Fairbairn (trombone), Dalton Harris (trombone)

Music from Cecilia Arditto

Sunday 30 June 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Warboel
Sounds Like Juggling (juggling music theater)

Music from Arthur Wagenaar & Guido van Hout



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Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam are made possible in party by:
Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost
Fonds Podiumkunsten
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland

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