News // Plein Theater and Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam present new contemporary chamber music concerts!

Plein Theater and Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam present new contemporary music concerts in Plein Theater and nationwide. The curators and artistic directors of Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam are composer Aspasia Nasopoulou and bass clarinetist Fie Schouten. Both received the Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Composition Commission Award (2019, 2021 respectively).

Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam provides a stage to contemporary chamber music. New compositions and leading musicians, combined with current topics. Every month in the Plein Theater on Sunday afternoons you can experience this unique concept in an intimate atmosphere, where afterwards there is oppurtunity to talk with music lovers, connoisseurs and performers. 


June - Dec 2022

Sunday 19 June 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Trio Napolov | Fridman | Sandee
Laura Sandee (piano), Maya Fridman (cello & voice), Konstantyn Napolov (percussion)

Sunday 28 August 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Zerewind
Hans Woudenberg (cello), Bas Kwakman (text/art)

Zondag 18 september 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Two Envelops & Michela Amici
Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger (hapsichord), Jacob Vanneste (percussion), Michela Amici (harp)

Zondag 16 oktober 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Poëzie en muziek
Adriaan van Dis (writer, poet), Bruno Allain (writer, actor), Fie Schouten (bass clarinet), Simon Burgers (composer)

Zondag 20 november 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Gross, Schouten Motseri
Katherina Gross (cello), Fie Schouten (bass clarinet), Keren Motseri (soprano)

Zondag 11 december 15:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Brass
Melvyn Poore (tuba), Nuno Silva (saxophone)


Summer Concerts

Saturday June 17, 20:00 - Day of the Composer
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Caffè sospeso
Doris Hochscheid en Harald Austbø (cello and performance), David Dramm (music), Mirjam Koen (director) – Stichting Cello Sonate ism OT rotterdam (producer)

Sunday June 18, 15:00 - Day of the Composer
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble
Aisling Agnew (flute), Fie Schouten (clarinet), Joanne Quigley McParland (violin), David McCan (cello), Daniel Browell, Sinead Hayes (conductor)

Saturday July 8, 20:00
Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Japanese sho & accordion
Naomi Sato (sho), Claudio Jacomucci (accordion)



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