We apply five basic principles to all disciplines within our theatre (business operations, makers, productions and programming, our Theater Café, as well as our collaborations) which are all equally valuable:

First of all, we consider the development process of a theatre product just as important as the result. To guarantee a high level of quality, we must dare to research and to explore, broadly and inclusively.

Hand in hand with this goes the wish and the necessity to be connected. Connected in mutual involvement and in equal, constructive collaborations.

The third principle is local = global. Our international programming is both “home-grown”, as well as from all over the world. And we look for forms whereby other world citizens can become familiar with our work, either live or via online media.

We don’t program everything ourselves, by the way. We emphatically encourage our audience, neighbours, and makers to contribute to this process. In this respect, we specifically provide room for the unexpected. Unexpected circumstances wherein our production, or parts of them, can be experienced. Or new forms, such a stroll, or a performance with robots. We enthusiastically stimulate active involvement from our audience.

As last principle, we strive in our programming to reflect the Zeitgeist, and to address social issues. And contribute to change by being creative in the midst of current affairs, putting themes on the agenda, and organizing dialogue evenings. Present = future.