History of our theatre
Our theatre in Amsterdam Oost is situated on Sajetplein. The square is named after Ben Sajet, a Jewish doctor, administrator, and politician. During WWII he was able to escape from the Germans. The building itself was part of the former Amstel Brewery on the Mauritskade (1871 - 1968). 

The Pleintheater was established by activist residents in 1982 as a neighbourhood theatre, with a café restaurant in the empty brewery canteen. The intention was to promote cooperation between groups from various cultural demographics. Its location, where the city centre ends and Oost begins, enables the podium to provide a connecting function in our city. A link between the “city” and the “neighbourhood”.
When the former Pleintheater continued in 2014 under the name Oostblok, it became part of the Podiumpartners organisation, which also manages the Muiderpoorttheater. Since then, we’ve continued to improve the quality of our programming in the areas of theatre, youth theatre, dance and mime. From March 2019 the theatre will once again operate under the name PLEIN THEATER.