Plein Theater month for Keti Koti

The Keti Koti month takes place annually in the month of June in the run-up to Keti Koti on July 1. This month is all about remembering and reflecting on the slavery past of the Netherlands and its consequences today.

As Plein Theater in Amsterdam East, located next to the Oosterpark and the National Slavery Monument, we pay special attention to this moment and this month. That is why we organize various activities in June on topics that relates on the history of slavery and colonialism, curated by Peggy Burke and Berith Danse.

You can also enjoy delicious Surinamese food with us! Our cafe/restaurant next to the theater is open every Thursday to Sunday from 18:00 and for early activities at least an hour prior to the activity. Peggy takes care of the kitchen and makes a varied Surinamese special every week especially for the Keti Koti month. Moksi - alesi's, Heri - Heri, Griet Bana Soup, Peanut Soup with Tom Tom and to top it all off Pom & Pastei (& Paramaribop) on the last Thursday of the month.

View an overview of all activities below or find them on our agenda with a yellow frame. For all programs you can buy a combination ticket with a day special - or make a reservation with Peggy directly. Check out our menu here every week!



We kick off the month with the debate 'What's Next' on May 31 about the state of the Afro-Dutch community with Saskia Meiland, Marjorie Boston, Jerry Afriyeh and Dionne Abdoethafiezkhan, led by Charlie Helmijr.

On June 6 we will open the exhibition 'Entwined Roots, Unbroken Spirits' by photographer Laila Cohen and journalist Phaedra Haringsma about Afro hairstyle and history and we will show the film 'Mama Sranan' by Tessa Leuwsha.

Explore the deep-rooted conflicts and joyful celebration of freedom in 'Fri Yeye' on Sunday 9 June. This intriguing piece, based on Celestine Raalte's Surinamese classic, explores the experiences of a grandmother, mother and daughter around Keti Koti. Is celebration an appropriate way to commemorate the abolition of slavery? After the performance there is the opportunity to participate in Dialogue in Action #2: Keti Koti.

The film GRANDE LOGE FILANTROPIA, bursting at the seams with dazzling energy on Sunday, June 16, is a collaboration between the Surinamese-Rotterdam theater maker and former graffiti artist Tjon Rockon and the Rotterdam filmmaker Bouba Dola, born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

On June 22, Frank Wijdenbosch, together with Gilda Dannarag, Cheryl Vliet and Nathalie Emanuels, will present a narrative performance about 'Blaka Lola', the first Surinamese woman on the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Music will not be missing this month! On June 15, Dutch music by the duo Markoesa, consisting of Eva Skeete Mc Leed & Guillano Herdigein, and on June 27 a Paramaribop concert by none other than the Eddy Veldman Quartet!

'Koken met Amba' is a musical and tasty youth theater performance (6+) by Het Veenfabriek, where the family history of ten-year-old Amba is told through Surinamese cuisine.



20:00 Kick Off Debate
What’s Next
Saskia Meiland, Marjorie Boston, Jerry Afriyeh, Dionne Abdoelhafiezkhan, olv Charlie Helmijr


17:00 Opening Exhibition
Entwined Roots, Unbroken Spirits
Laila Cohen & Phaedra Haringsma

20:00 Film
Moeder Suriname – Mama Sranan
Tessa Leuwsha


15:00 Theater
Fri Yeye
Helianthe Redan, Rosana Etnel en Djinti Bianca Sullivan, Regie: Careline Peerwijk

16:30 Dialogue
Dialoog in Actie: Keti Koti


20:00 Concert
Markoesa Live
Eva Skeete Mc Leed & Guillano Herdigein 


20:00 Film
Bouba Dola, Tjon Rockon


20:00 storytelling
Blaka Lola 'De Muze'
Frank Wijdenbosch, Gilda Danaragh, Cheryl Vliet, Nathalie Emanuels


15:30 Youth Theater
Koken met Amba (6+)


20:00 Concert
Eddy Veldman Quartet plays Paramaribob


Plein Theater Mont for Keti Koti is part of co-creation program #GetInvolved and is made possible in part by Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost, Fonds voor Oost, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, VSB Fonds and Vaillant Fonds.



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